Frequently Asked Questions

Why are project details private?

Because they show technical details of my previous projects that I feel shouldn’t be public. At the beginning I created this website it contained only my portfolio and was completely private. Over time, it turned into the place connecting all of my web activities and development profiles. My portfolio remains private, but I share it when I sometimes apply for new projects.

What language do you speak?

When I was born it was Polish, but my native language now is Java. I have also added English.

Where do you live and work?

I currently live in Poland. Most of my projects are done remotely from my office. I’m mobile, so if necessary I can relocate to work on premises. For example, at present I am staying in Warsaw to help an internet startup.

What projects are you interested in?

I’m interested in bigger projects which require a long-term commitment. Preferably that deal with a whole system. I’m interested in all jobs involving software development skills. I.e. As a developer, architect, team leader or project manager.

What projects are you not interested in?

All short-term projects, especially on existing and old software, like please fix some bugs, or please add me here a form doing a magic trick, or our system stopped performing well and started performing worse. In particular on projects from freelancer sites, like I need to create advanced CRM system supporting big HTTP traffics … budget $500-$1000.

OK, enough with funny examples. I cannot think about how they can exists on the net, but they somehow can. Seriously, I’m not really interested in joining projects in maintenance stage. I’m only interested in creation stage. My ideal project starts from “create new project” in my IDE. In the perfect one it’s me who clicks on checkboxes to choose which frameworks we will use.

How long have you been doing this?

Professionally I’ve been doing this since 2005 (by “professionally” I mean the time, when I started to make money on this). During this time I went through two my own businesses, managing few teams, and providing decent stuff to a lot of customers.

Personally I’ve been doing this since early nineties. I started from Commodore 64 (it was my first computer) where I became interested in its Basic language. I went through all stages along with the IT science development at the time step by step, that means first PC, a journey with assembler, Pascal, C, C++, Delphi etc. So I at least know something about what is a thread and why and when you can end up with insufficient memory (and especially, what is stackoverflow error :)). Anyway after years of playing with this, it turned out that you can earn money on things you like, and you will do anyway. I’m still amazed at this.

Why there’s so little of projects in the portfolio?

I don’t include everything here. I made more things, but some in technologies that I’m not really interested in right now. I made a lot of small applications in 2-4 month length projects, I also don’t include here. Finally there are obviously things I don’t remember and plenty of workspaces gone five disk formats ago.

On the other hand some of my projects are substantial. For example Invipay is a three year project. Unidoc is the system I was working on (with some interruptions) over 4 years and we made dozens of customized projects for particular customers on this platform, and every one of them was a separate subproject with a lot of development, integrations etc. But I don’t disparate them here, because it wouldn’t be legible. The same about Nexoft Framework - plenty of different turnkey deployments.